YOUR PAY STUB – Required Information

As previously discussed the WTP Act will take effect on April 9, 2011 and amends the New York Labor Law in many ways.  The WTP Act significantly expands the information that employers must provide their employees with every pay stubs.   

Effective April 9, 2011a statement in connection with the payment of wages that lists certain information including:

 the dates of work covered by that payment of wages;

the employer’s name, address and phone number;

the employee’s name;

the employee’s rate or rates of pay and the basis thereof;

whether the employee is being paid by the hour, shift, day, week, salary, piece, commission or otherwise; 

allowances, if any, that the employer claimed as part of the minimum wage;

the employee’s net and gross wages;

deductions from such wages.

 Moreover, for non-exempt employees, the statements must also include the employee’s overtime pay rate and the number of regular and overtime hours that the employee worked.

 Make sure your employer is providing you with all the required information and if you are not getting all the information listed above, ask for it.  If your employer fails to provide a wage statement containing the required information, the employee may be entitled to recover $100 per week for each work week the violation occurred up to a total of $2500, plus costs and attorneys fees.