Black Friday is the name given to the day following Thanksgiving, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and often described as the busiest shopping day of the year. This year, thousands of Wal-Mart employees will participate in a walk-out on Black Friday to protest the Company’s unfair employment practices.

These employees are calling on Wal-Mart, the country’s largest employer, to end retaliation against speaking out for better pay, fair schedules and affordable health care. This retaliation includes shuffling around shifts, cutting hours and moving employees from department to department. OUR Walmart, the group organizing the protest, says that it is specifically protesting against the company’s retaliation against its employees and doesn’t have specific demands tied to the Black Friday walkout.

Although Wal-Mart said that the striking workers represent a small minority of their over 1 million employees, in an effort to stop the protest, or at the very least attempt to deter those employees from participating, Wal-Mart filed a complaint last week with the National Labor Relations Board, claiming that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and, OUR Walmart, unlawfully organized picket lines and other demonstrations in the past six months in violation of federal law.

Have you been the subject of retaliation by your employer for complaining about or reporting unfair labor practices ? If so, please tell us your story.

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