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Social Media Accounts Are Fair Game in Discovery

A recent Pennsylvania State Court order granting a defendant’s motion to compel the production of one of the plaintiff’s Facebook log-in credentials found that social media accounts–even if set to private–are fair game in discovery. In Largent v. Reed, Case No. … Continue reading

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JPMorgan Loses Bid to Prohibit Class Arbitrations

A California federal judge denied JPMorgan’s motion to compel arbitration on an individual basis.  Two former JPMorgan employees filed a class action complaint alleging violations of state and federal labor laws on behalf of JPMorgan appraisers.  As part of their … Continue reading

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Conditional Certification in Second OT Collective Action Granted Against GEICO

A recent ruling in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland reaffirms a defining characteristic of the collective action. Potential claimants’ legal rights are preserved unless and until they affirmatively agree to “opt in” to the litigation. … Continue reading

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